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After receiving requests to teach from all over the world, Lopa created a two disc instructional DVD set which shares her approach to breaking down movement and allows an accessible way for everyone to learn to dance.

Learn the hand, arm, and leg movements of Bollywood and Bhangra dance. Taught by Lopa in the beautiful studios of the National Ballet School in Toronto, join Lopa and her dancers as they take you through the world of Bollywood dance. Let’s get dancing!

Each DVD has three segments:
1. Stretching which is important for any dance or fitness regime
2. Bhangra where you will learn moves that are great for parties and the dance floor
3. A Bollywood inspired dance routine which ties it all together

Volume 1: Seated Upper Body teaches the arm, shoulder and finger movements of Indian dance with a choreography.

Volume 2: Full Body brings everything together by adding the lower body movements of the hips, legs, and feet patterns. Learn a different Bollywood choreography than Volume 1.

What people have to say about the videos:

"I just LOVE the DVD. Lopa is a very good teacher and she allows for just the right amount of step breakdown, repetition and building. She has a very accessible style too. The ladies in her video were so lovely! They were all fit and moved well but not a boney little thing in sight. I loved that. Such a great message for women." - Trish Smith Roche, Zumba Instructor

"Shyla loves the DVD and had a special request today: ‘Want to watch Lopa!’ “- Shyla’s Mom (Shyla is 4 years old)

I am from Italy. I bought your dvds for learning Bhangra and Bollywood dance. I am an adult figure skater. Last year I built a choreography on Bollywood music for my adult competitions. I used some of the movements you teach on your DVD. I would like to thank you because I won the 3 competitions I did with this program." - Marcello Cazzaniga, Figure Skater

"Just wanted to tell you that I got the DVDs. They are fabulous." - Laura Elena

"I have just received my purchase. The DVDs are amazing. Thank you!!!" - Anastasija

"I am recovering from an operation so I cannot attend my Bollywood and Bhangra classes. So today I used your DVD sitting on a chair. It was perfect. Thank you!" - Christine Liedl

Sick Kids Foundation

Lopa was born with a heart condition that made her so weak, she was unable to run across the school yard. At the age of six, she underwent open heart surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children. Then at the age of nine, during a trip to India, Lopa fractured her right leg. She was forced to return to Sick Kids Hospital where she was placed in a cast up to her hip. With open heart surgery and a fractured leg in her history, she never even dreamt of the possibility of becoming an athlete as an adult.

Lopa is grateful to the part The Hospital for Sick Children has played in her journey to health, and its contribution to her life as a dancer. The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is Canada's most research-intensive hospitals and one of the world's largest and most respected paediatric academic health sciences centres. Children in every nation of the world have benefited from the hospital's patient care innovations, preventative medicine practices and strategies, research discoveries and partnerships.

DHA will donate a portion of sales from this dvd set to the Sick Kids Foundation. If you wish to make your own donation, please do so here.


Volume 1:
Seated Upper Body
(running time 60 minutes)
Volume 2:
Full Body
(running time 75 minutes)

The price of this DVD set is $20 CDN.

"I have received the DVDs. I have watched and they are great. The course is very well explained. Even though I do not speak English I understood the movement to learn. The teacher is great she dances very well. I hope there will be another DVD of Bollywood dance." - Sandrine


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